16 February 2009
Imagine ...
... that you come home to find your house surrounded by the local cops, while they are executing a search warrant. Only to find out that the address on the warrant is wrong, but they have have seized all of your firearms anyway ...

So you demand that your lawfully owned property be returned to you and are denied. Furthermore, if you want them back you must first fill out the required forms, be fingerprinted and submit to a full background check (at their leisure). Weeks later you can go to the property locker and fill out more paperwork and be subjected to more fingerprinting before your property is handed over. Screw that, i'll take 'em to court ... Wrong answer, now your firearms have been destroyed.


Not only is this scenario wrong on many levels, but it actually happened in Indianapolis. LINK The IMPD's reasoning seems like a very hollow argument to me, not to mention an oxymoron. It would be much easier to just go (legally) purchase some new ones, but thats not the point ...

friggin' asshats

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