22 March 2014
Ares Armory
Ares Armory was raided by the BATFE. Now they are asking for help with legal fees in the ongoing battle with the ATF with a "Support the Fight T-shirt, Fundraiser."  *click on the pic ↓↓↓

The mockery they are making of the ATF in their FB pictures is priceless.

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04 January 2014
A weird hobby
When i get bored and need something to keep me outta trouble occupy my mind google maps is always there to help out. While geeking around being nosy last month i made a sweet find. Finding aircraft in flight may be a weird hobby, but it's a lot less problematic than chasing women ...

Just follow the above link and zoom in !!!

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Ohio CHL changes
The status of Ohio accepting Arizona's non-resident CWP has changed. Ohio now recognizes all AZ permits including non-resident. This means that an OH resident (or resident from any state) can carry in OH on an AZ non-res CWP.

Gary Slider will be updating Handgunlaw.us to reflect these changes in the very near future.


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03 January 2014
'Raised Eyebrow'
Apparently FN thinks it would be a good time to start selling AR's now. And it probably is.

And since i don't have a flying car or hover board yet ... dammit, having an old school RayGun lool-a-like will have to suffice. At first glance, my aversion to this was akin to a 12 year old being paired off with a fat girl in a junior high dance class. After looking at it a bit more i'm, lets say, curious.

Here's some more info on the 9mm debate. I'm not surprised, and i'm sure most of you aren't either.


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26 October 2013
Quick Shoutout
This goes out to a couple of vendors i've done business with lately.

When looking for a folding Front Sight/Gas Block awhile back. All American Supplies, a veteran owned business, was the only vendor i found to have it in stock.  And at the time, i might add, the best price on this item anywhere.

And just last week i found ROG Tactical. They had the Vltor A5 kit (sans stock) that i've been looking for.

Michael Ko is simply amazing. Almost instantly upon ordering you get a tracking number. This dude is wicked fast with shipping. Oh ... and did i mention ,quite a bit of his stuff ships FREE !

Don't be scared to give these guys some business.


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16 October 2013
Building Evil Black Rifles
Alternate title: Down the path to 'The Dark Side'

Awhile back, i ordered a blem lower from Aero Precision. I was impressed enough to order a couple more when they went on sale again. Here's a pic of the first one. It does have a noticable blemish. The other two purchased (with consecutive serial numbers) have blems that are much smaller and very hard to see.

I paired this with the pictured Yankee Hill upper and gave it to my son for his birthday. Along with some other odds and ends for AR's.

Soon i'll have some pic's and details of one of the lowers that was recently built.


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10 August 2013
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31 July 2013
My sincere apologies for letting this slip by me for so long.

There is still a little time left for you to make a difference in someones life. A raffle has been ongoing to help a blogger with expenses during a battle with lyme disease. Jennifer has the raffle details. Please. Go help if you can.
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29 July 2013
Haterz gonna hate ...
Since the DOJ refuses to give GZ's gun back, there have been a lot of offers to get him a new one. The Buckeye Firearms Association has raised enough greenbacks, since July 19th, to send him a check for $12,150.37. Which he recieved last Friday via FedEx.

Around the 24th their website went down. Went down HARD. A cyber-attack had it down for at least four days. Apparently they've been recieving a huge amount of death threats since the fundraiser was announced.


Ken Hanson, Legal Counsel for Buckeye Firearms Foundation, will appear on CNN with none other than Piers "i'll deport myself" Morgan to discuss the fundraiser. You can watch it HERE at 9 PM EST

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14 July 2013
*Technical Difficulties ...
Last nights post worked fine when it was posted, but some of the graphics refused to show up this morning. The first one, before the video, with a fireworks display saying justice has finally been served refused to 'appear'.

The last one, after the video, with a bunch of peoples wearing their "we are all trayvon" shirts also refused to make an appearance ...

Dunno what the problem was but after fiddlimg with the HTML for an hour or so, i was still unable to get them working again.

So ... it was removed.

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Reloading supplies

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