20 February 2009
All American Pinups
I was pleasantly surprised this morning to hear that Cherrie Laine's efforts to support the troops has finally been noticed. KSWO News Ch 7 in Lawton OK has done an interview with her to explain just what it is, that she does for a hobby ... LINK

Anyone wanting to make a big difference in the daily life of someone in harms way, can do so by making a monetary donation. The postage alone, (flat-rate boxes) for sending "care packages" overseas can be an overwhelming expense on top of the price of the contents, when you consider the sheer volume that these ladies move ...

Any of you who would like to make a donation for these wonderful ladies can do so at: All American Pinups It's easy to do with your PayPal Account and just as easy to make one if you don't already have one, just follow the link. I personally vouche for this wonderful cause.

After all, it really is 'All about the Troops' ...


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