06 February 2009
After having some problems with IE7 being hi-jacked, and that fake 'Virus Scanner' obnoxiously trying to get my attention on both IE7 and Chrome, I did a little more research and came with a solution (so far-so good). I hope. Don't know whether it'll help with the browser hi-jacking but it seems to have given that 'virus-scanner' malware a much needed smackdown.

The only name brand security i use is McAfee as my ISP provides it for free. It catches things that Norton doesn't. But that is a double-edged sword, because i have had Norton catch stuff that McAfee didn't recognize. AVG is a free program that works (in my opinion) just as good as either. Yesterday's research pointed me towards a program that i hadn't heard of called MalwareBytes. So after looking around some more, discovered that it has some really favorable reviews from :




And even AVG has some really good pointers for using it on their FORUM. I suspect that it will work just fine without going to the extent that I did by following their guidelines. I had already been using SpyBot S&D even though it sometimes has it's quirks ...

It caught 3 items, one of which was that obnoxiously pesky virus-scanner ... my browsing speed has been significantly increased. Now installing 2 more gigs of RAM will be just the kick-in-the-arse this thing needs. LOL ...

A lot of these problems can be avoided by using Mozilla/Firefox, although i really don't care for the way it displays things ...


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