24 December 2009
Day late and a dollar short
Talk about missing the bus! I really screwed the pooch.big.time. You see, SI Defense is having a Christmas sale. And I couldn't decide on how many of their $50 Stripped Lowers to order, till I'd asked around to see if anyone else wanted to 'get in' on the order.

A really, really stoopid move, as they sold out rather quickly ...

dangit! ... dangit! ... dangit! ... DANGIT !!!

I had planned on getting two of these for myself, and since they are 'multi-caliber', had plans to build one in .223 and hadn't really decided on which caliber to build the other.

I now own the double face-palm of FAIL, dangit!  

Here is a manufacturing video in their facility.

and a couple of articles about them if you're not familiar with the name ...

Cactus Tactical


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