17 November 2009
Burn Notice in Iraq
Workin' my way through the 'reader' this morning and came across a post by BLACKFIVE that caught my eye. The title was "ONE MORE BURN NOTICE PHOTO WITH SOMEONE YOU SHOULD KNOW" and being a fan of Burn Notice just had to check it out. WOW, was I ever surprised to see a picture of Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell holding a flag in the background, while Lt. Col. Mark Bieger is presumably swearing in Spc. Peter Jank during a reenlistment ceremony. For those who don't remember LTC Bieger THIS should jog your memory.

While meandering down memory lane I couldn't help myself from reading quite a few of Michael Yon's post's or 'dispatches', as I had been following them from the beginning up to around 2007. After moving back to Ohio after the Katrina adventure, there were 9 months of his dispatches to catch up on. If you have time to read his 31AUG2005 post 'Gates of Fire' you are in for a treat ... but I digress ...

BLACKFIVE has pictures of Jeff and Bruce on the firing range in Iraq while on what is presumably a USO tour.

Cool ...

*Gratuitous Video

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At November 21, 2009 at 3:58 PM, Blogger Murphy's Law

Damn, you just made me rescind my boycott of Burn Notice, which I started because something Jeffrey Donovan did disappointed me. That pic more than makes it right and all is forgiven.

Thanks for putting their patriotism on display.


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