18 November 2009
Christmas Care Packages
Once again Paige Teakell and the ladies from The All American Pinups are on a mission. This years Christmas goal was to raise $5000 for the postage to send 500 care packages. 250 of those were slotted to go to those deployed from her new post at Ft. Hood. However, with the lack of donations this year, the new goal is $2500 to send out at least 250 packages. Although this is a year round endeavor for them, the holiday projects seem to be really special.

There are multiple ways of supporting this effort. Here is a note from Miss Paige ...

"You Have 3 Options... You Can Purchase A Photo For Yourself Or You Can Purchase One To Be Sent To A Service Member. There Is Also A Donation Button Where You Can Make A Donation Via PayPal. If You Would Rather Send Items In To Be Added To The Care Packages, We Welcome That Too. 250 Packages Will Need Lotsa Filling... Just Write To Me For An Address And The Theme For The Christmas Packages. Remember The Troops Deserve The Very Best, Especially On Christmas".

Much Love & Respect
All American Pinups

I have more than one family member that has received a package from these wonderful young ladies. I took the picture below after Tony returned from Baghdad with a shirt he received in one of their packages.

HERE is the link to a news interview Miss Paige did with KSWO -TV in Lawton OK, before moving to TX. Sorry the video is no longer available, I rather enjoyed it enough to post it on here back in February.

The simplest and easiest thing to do, is to just send them a donation through PayPal. Let them use their experienced disgression and resources, to send what they have found to both be needed and enjoyed by our best and bravest ...

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