02 March 2013
Ok, i admit it
There seems to be a noticable trend in conversations with people that carry a handgun everyday. It would seem that carrying in condition 3 is normal for most new toters. Yes, i also did this for a time. This new responsibility combined with a self-inflicted mental 'mark of cain' syndrome appears to be a bit overwhelming at first. Doing the WalMart walk of shame doesn't do much to alleviate that feeling either ...

A lot of that insecurity is probably directly related to the individual carry method, or choice of belt and holster. Until one feels secure in the fact that they are carrying safely and securely, their confidence isn't going to be at a very high level. Having your gat fall on the floor right in front of Paul Blart isn't exactly going to help. As one progresses through the learning curve with the different holster choices for different wardrobes, their confidence continues to increase. Even with some 'handgun carry' training and even experience in shooting competitions, some are simply not mentaly ready to carry in condition 1 yet.

During these discussions, my experiences are related to help others understand that this is a perfectly normal way for some people to feel. Once they accept the fact that they aren't, in fact weirdo's, we can get beyond that to the next step. By this i don't mean calesthenics or MMA grappling, but working to gain confidence in daily carry gear. Then get them out of their 'comfort zone' and practice things that they are unaccustomed to doing. No, not the James Yaegerdouche skool-of-live-fire-target-holding. Get them some more advanced training, shoot at longer ranges, try and pick up your speed working at closer distances, shoot from retention, etc.

Working with a timer is very good practice for this. Hell, even exposing them to the Tueller Drill can be a real eye opener for some.

*Carry on ...

*cocked and locked

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