26 January 2013
Today's Fun Show
It was a balmy 18° Ohio morning for a 45 minute wait in line, but at least it seemed to go fast. Glad i had a fresh, large cup 'o joe to keep me warm. The line stretched from the entrance ...

around the corner and doubled back a bit. This pic is from the apogee of the double back ...

Surprisingly enough, due to all of the panic buying lately, there were ample supplies of firearms available. There was row upon row just like the pic below.

Handguns were still reasonably priced, but rifles are another story, and a bit high IMO. Magazines on the other hand were priced all over the place, from reasonably high to just plain stoopid ignorant. For example, windowed Pmags in one row were $28 in one row and $50 in the next and $75 further down. Seen some WW2 era used (and showing considerable wear) .30 M1 carbine mags for $20, and the next aisle over were brand new ones for the same price.

Ammo was krazy-priced, all over the map, just like the mags. Go figure ...

Here's something that puzzles me. Upgrading the AK safety lever to one easier to disengage is a desirable trait indeed, but one to engage the safety ?!?!?

Seen a lot of interesting things and talked with some very entertaining people. One older gentleman, with very heavily accented English, welcomed the chance to give me the history on a .32 short Belgian Bulldog. A cute lil bugger with a folding trigger.

Oh ... and then there was the Luger. Sorry for the glare from the lighting and any drool on the glass ...

The display of New York compliant arms wasn't getting much business at all, and the ammo was quite spendy, to say the least ...

All in all, it was a good show. Far better than most of the previous ones. Unfortunately my search for miscellaneous AR parts was a bust.


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