06 July 2012
Relaxing, Shooters, Wheels ...
After a very busy month working i finally get to relax and catch-up a bit. So much has come and gone thru the RSS feed that i hardly know where to begin. This morning i'm reading thru some FB posts and ran across a youtube video that looked interesting (it was a trap ... a trap i tell ya !!!) so yeah, i went there ... Before i knew it i'm looking at FPS Russia and Hickock45 videos and surfing onward watching one from both of them while at the LuckyGunner blogger shoot. Meanwhile the clock keeps ticking away.

What really gave me a laff tho' was watching a favorite music video because it reminded me of one of Jennifers posts:

"I seen a girl on a one way corridor
Stealing down a wrong way street
For all the world like an urban toreador
She had wheels on ... on her feet"

Hope everyone had a wonderful, safe Holiday

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At July 6, 2012 at 3:19 PM, Anonymous Jennifer

Ha! That's great


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