08 May 2012
Pet Peeve
All of the handguns i carry have different sighting systems. This has always bothered me to some extent, but lately it has gotten out of hand.

3 dot

Straight 8


Probably not a big deal in a stressful situation right? The way I see it, under duress your probably gonna be point shooting at something within toothpaste-smelling distance anyway.

Whatever ... It still bugs me.

I had long since decided to go with standard 3 dot sights. Since Meprolight is the only company that sells reasonably priced tritium sights for all of the models i currently own, the choice was kinda made for me. The operative words in that statement being "reasonably priced" and "all of the models i currently own". That way all of the pistols have the same sighting system ... I'm old, set in my ways and kinda anal like that.

Don't know how useful glow-in-the-dark sights will be, but what the heck. So ... a set was ordered from Optics Planet (yeah, i'm a cheapskate) for the 1911 since i've never liked the Straight 8's to begin with. 


Sitting here fat, happy and dumb waiting for the mail man, i had time to think about changing the sights out. Making a plan-of-action, if you will. Knocking out the old sights with a punch is so simple a caveman can do it, right? 

Um ...      Then the thought occurred to me that maybe banging on spent nukuler fuel rods or whatever the glow-in-the-dark magic comes from, with a hammer and punch, might not be such a good idea.

Once again Brownells came thru with a decent sight adjustment tool, that doesn't cost your soul, or first born child. It works pretty slick really, especially when you consider all of the bad reviews. I swear some of the reviewers on products shouldn't handle anything more dangerous than a TSA approved plastic spork ... 

Honestly, the Lenny Magill video is excruciating to watch. You keep hoping he will say "Fuck This"and start smashing shit .. or something.

Just chuck the slide in a padded vice (yes, that's a paper sack wrapped around the slide) and go to it. Adjusting the sight mover isn't difficult at all, at least for someone who routinely dismantled their toys as a child to see how they worked.

As Cap'n Mal would say ... "easy peasy". This tool also has a tapered edge on the other side (not pictured) for Glock sights. Yes, the Glock will be next since i've never been too crazy about their sights either. The Ruger has 3 dot, so it will be last. If ever. We'll see ...


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