27 March 2012
More Ohio CHL News, HB495
Excerpt from Buckeye Firearms Associations article:

[Once adopted, HB495 would eliminate hundreds of words from the Ohio Revised Code without making any material changes. This will make the law easier to read, understand, comply with and enforce – a win for everyone.

"This important legislation addresses real problems with Ohio law," said Jim Irvine, chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Association, a grassroots gun advocacy organization. "It continues the trend to remove problems and align Ohio law with commonly understood concepts."

In addition to that technical fix, the bill would make three changes to Ohio law. First, Ohio would join many other states in automatically honoring other state's concealed carry licenses, and allowing the Attorney General to sign more agreements with other states. Second, HB495 would also remove a vague and unenforceable "demonstrated competency" requirement, and third, the law would clarify the definition of a "loaded gun."]

HB495 in its entirety.

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