10 January 2011
Typical Knee Jerks
We have Dem. Rep. Bob Brady of Pennsylvania continuing the PC pussification of America, as he plans to introduce a bill that would ban symbols like that now-infamous campaign crosshair map. What's next Congressman, banning the reading of the constitution as well? Posting The Bill of Rights? I took a lot of crap from readers awhile back for posting this pic of my range target. So what? Here it is again for your viewing pleasure. Or not ...

Some of our lawmakers want to be able to carry concealed firearms  and protect themselves. That's fine be me, but do take a CCW course and go through the same steps as your States constituents have to. Don't just become deputized by the U.S. Marshals office as a 'special deputy'. You do not have special privileges since you volunteered for the job ...

Good ole Dem. Rep. Carolyn "I believe it's a shoulder thingy that goes up" McCarthy of New York wants to pass another ban aimed at higher capacity clips magazines. “My staff is working on looking at the different legislation fixes that we might be able to do and we might be able to introduce as early as tomorrow” she blathered on ...

Dem. Sen. Frank  R. "Mr. Amendment" Lautenberg said he’s preparing to introduce a similar bill in the Senate. “The only reason to have 33 bullets loaded in a handgun is to kill a lot of people very quickly,” and “These high-capacity clips simply should not be on the market“ he mistakenly opines ...

And we have the media . Reporters that don't do any research, and their lazy editors that are just as dumb. The only thing they are interested in is "getting out the story" regardless of the facts and discrepancies. I get very annoyed with having to explain over and over again that clips and magazines are not interchangeable. If hollywood and the media would use the proper nomenclature this wouldn't happen as often. That right there is a sad thought as well. The sheeple of this nation don't understand this stuff, because instead of reading or thinking for themselves they watch the idiot box like frackin' zombies ...


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