10 December 2010
RE: Ohio SB239
The "Guns In Bars" Restaurant Carry bill currently working it's way through the Ohio House is not a new idea, as can be seen from this map :
Restaurant Firearms Carry States

I personally can legally carry concealed in any of Ohio's surrounding states while NOT consuming alcohol. Just.not.here. Conversely the hypocrisy of the FOP  in 2007, for insisting on some changes to HB203 has exempted them from being just like you and I ...

SB239 will correct this arrogant "The Only Ones" capable attitude of those whom work for us.

What this bill does is, well ... let's KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) shall we ... a simple flowchart.

Here are some compelling videos before various committees of Ohio's state legislature.

Nicole Goeser's Testimony:

Suzanna Hupp's Testimony:

Tip O' the Hat to:
Open Carry.org

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