06 August 2010
Hang in there Y'all ...
Since i began working night turn my posting has been sorta ... well ... non-existent. Leaving at 5PM and returning at 6AM doesn't leave me much free time for much of anything. I've probably missed 3,000 or more news items from my google reader, of which i skim through to pass along. Simply don't have the time. Sorry. Here are some pic's taken with my phone before the sun goes down. I really do need to remember to unsnap the leather cover before taking them, since you can see the edges of it in almost every picture :-/

*remember ... click on the pic's to embiggen


Working with the Pipe Crew on a Saturday day turn, before staying for the afternoon shift.


Random view from the waste area.

Following the excavator up into the borrow pit.

Leaving the borrow pit.

Hopefully posting will resume shortly ... at least sporadically would definitely be a vast improvement ...

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