01 June 2010
Big Day for Ohio CHL Holders
Late last week the Ohio Senate passed 26-10 two pro-gun bills that will make things much easier for those of us that provide for our own safety.

S.B.239 removes a 'victim disarmament zone' in restaurants that serve alcohol and also simplifies some of the inane procedures with vehicle carry.

S.B.247 makes some needed changes to Ohio law bringing us into compliance with federal regulations.

Today these two bills go to the House floor for a vote. While nearly everyone knows Suzanna Hupp's story, it would seem that not everyone has heard Nikki Goeser's. While she has been fighting for the right to be able to CCW in Tennessee restaurants, she has also appeared before the Ohio legislature making some very compelling arguments in favor of this issue.

Here is a very sobering video that is being posted with her permission.

**Correction: The title should read Big Week ... The bill was introduced but no action has been taken yet.

H/T to Rustmeister

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