18 January 2010
*Team Rubicon*
In a nutshell, a group of American SF medics and doctors have taken it upon themselves to actually do something about the tragedy unfolding in Haiti. Instead of sitting around watching the coverage on CNN they have privately gathered thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies and items they thought would be needed. The idea was to fly into Santo Domingo, convoy across the Dominican Republic into Haiti with Port-au-Prince as the final destination.

This costs money ... LOTS, and to add insult to injury, AA lost some of their baggage on the flight over.

The first night in Haiti, before reaching their destination, there was a girl brought to them for treatment of a broken leg. They are now in Port-au-Prince, busy, understaffed and in need of waaaaaaayyyy lots more support. If you can, please go to Jakes page and donate (money) through his paypal button. As soon as I find out what supplies they may need, and hopefully where to send it, then it will be posted here.

As you are perusing through either Jake or Matt's Blogs, be aware that some of the pictures are very graphic ... this isn't summer camp people.

Please, donate generously ...

H/T to Blackfive


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