04 September 2009
Epic Fail ...
If that title isn't accurate enough then we'll go with "Assmunch's Of The Week" ...

VIA:Yahoo News

JERICHO, Ark. – It was just too much, having to return to court twice on the same day to contest yet another traffic ticket, and Fire Chief Don Payne didn't hesitate to tell the judge what he thought of the police and their speed traps.

The response from cops? They shot him. Right there in court.

—•Residents say the ticketing got out of hand.

•"When I first moved out here, they wrote me a ticket for going 58 mph in my driveway," 75-year-old retiree Albert Beebe said.

•Police cruisers vandalized

•Police force has been disbanded

•Judge has resigned

•Fire Chief recovering from .40 hole in his back

•City Hall is 'shuttered'

•Sheriffs deputies now on patrol

•Ticket money has evaporated

I think I'll pass on any potential vacation plans in the vicinity of Jericho, AR thank you ...


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