24 July 2009
Travails ...
The flight out of Pittsburgh went off without a hitch, even the TSA agents checking firearms through seemed to be in rare spirits. We made really good time to Denver. To good in fact, since we sat waiting for 30 minutes or so, for a gate to open so we could deplane. The connecting flight to Salt Lake was delayed for 45 minutes as they gave it a tune-up or something. Not that it did much good, since it didn't make up any time like the previous flight did.

Picked up the truck to be returned ... nice. A straight truck, for filling the driller's charge holes in a blasting operation. It has rubber-block rear suspension that transmits all of the bone-jarring road shock to the steering axle. To add insult to my misery it's on an International chassis. That in itself isn't bad, as they are really tough work trucks.

International is notorious tho' for cheaping-out on the cabs. They make the most uncomfortable, non-driver friendly torture devices on the planet. With no cab insulation, everytime the cooling fan kicks on it somehow manages to blow right through the firewall overwhelming the air conditioning system. And boy does it kick on a lot! Did I mention that it turns the floor pan into a freakin' hot plate!

After ricocheting off the ceiling and being roasted by the cooling system for 300 miles or so on top of a very long day, All I want is a hot shower, a cold drink and some cool air blowing on my feet. Right now I'm just kicking back, watching Burn Notice while writing this, and that is about all I have left in me for today.

Oh, and yes, I have been seeing some really beautiful country on my travails ...

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