18 September 2011
Procrastination isn't just a hobby anymore ...
After two years of waiting for a place to get clean fill, i'm still no closer to getting a range built in the back 40 ...
That was the plan anyway, when i got when my NRA Basic Pistol certification. A private range to shoot when holding classes for CCW. Since the demand for an Ohio CHL is at an all time high, my brother has graciously offered his garage as a classroom and his backyard range.

And since my 'Course Outline and Lesson Plan' is outdated, had to order some new materials today. That isn't a bad thing though, since the new Lesson Plans include a really cool slide show. Good grief, at least the 25 student packets (ordered 2 yrs ago) are still up to date ...

As soon as the updated materials arrive, class scheduling will proceed.


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