21 August 2011
Teh Outrage? i haz it ...
Twice!!  Doing some 'catch-up' reading this weekend, because of the rain, two stories caught my eye. The second article came via my RSS feed reader. The first one is from a facebook post. Well, not quite ... it is a result of surfing, after watching the vid posted.  

How can any responsible adult set up a situation that doesn't teach a newer shooter anything but fear? Obviously the operative wording in that question is "responsible adult". By now you know the all to familiar story of getting a young lady unfamiliar with firearms, to shoot something she has no business handling without proper coaching. And making a video of it. Then posting it ... on Military.com no less. These videos piss me off to no end !

As you can plainly see ... this was a setup for disaster.


The second outrage comes from Zero Ponsdorf @ This Ain't Hell:  His post is a synopsis of the story he links to in Stars and Stripes. It will make your blood boil. You have been warned!

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