14 February 2011
Firearm Legislative Roundup
Tomorrow (15 FEB), The House Committee on State Government and Elections, will hear proponent testimony on HB45. This is the bills second hearing. Also, The Senate Judiciary Committee on Criminal Justice, will hear sponsor testimony on both SB17 and SB61. These are the bills' first hearing in the Senate.

Wednesday (16FEB), The House Committee on Criminal Justice, will hear sponsor testimony on HB54. This is the bill's first hearing in the House.

HB45 and SB17 would allow licensed citizens to carry concealed firearms in restaurants and fix burdensome car carry rules. HB54 and SB61 would align Ohio law with Federal statutes and protect citizen rights.

VIA: Buckeye Firearms Association

Rep. Scott Perry reintroduced HB40, the "Castle Doctrine" bill last week.

Several bills on the move in The Sooner State. I particularly like how HB1553 relaxes some of the more common victim disarmament locations.

With CCW bills HB148 and SB82 already introduced Illinoians have reason to be optimistic.

As reported here earlier, Montanans have really got behind the Korean rifle kerfuffle. Both, Rep. Denny Rehberg and Sen. Jon Testor have heard the clamor from their constituents ... and have addressed the problem.

There has also been a "Second Amendment Enforcement Act", aimed squarely at the ridiculous regulations in the District of Columbia. Um ... Heller seems to have fallen a bit short here.


Good Luck !

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At February 23, 2011 at 1:41 PM, Anonymous Crotalus (Dont Tread on Me)

Wait a minute... The 9-1-1 caller aid there was no disturbance or problem, (so why the call?) but the cops ticket the men for creating a disturbance? Howinhell do you justify that, Chief? Is that your end run for forcing gun owners not to carry, when it is legal for them to do so, because you disagree with the law?


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