22 January 2010
My Admiration ...
for new gubmint agencies, Unions and the TSA in particular is plummeting rather dramatically (*think flaming aircraft missing a wing and spiraling towards earth trailing smoke). It's bad enough that we are victims of our own pragmatism, always compromising and afraid to take a stand. This PC bullshit is slowly strangling america into something I'd never imagined possible.

We have cowardly judges protecting thugs engaging in voter intimidation, Union thugs beating the crap out of those with an opposing opinion and the TSA doing everything EXCEPT what they should be doing. The end of commercial air travel is shortly going to be at hand. If we don't 'man-up' and get a grip on common sense, this train is going to jump the tracks ... and it ain't gonna be pretty.

Now the TSA mind you, like any other organization has it's good and bad (boggles my mind to have to point out the obvious, but some people are really dense). When i'm at line at the airport they are usually professional and courteous. At the counter where they check your firearms, they can sometimes be a royal pain-in-the-ass, but that usually comes from a character flaw combined with a superiority complex.

I've had run-ins with some real winners lemme tell ya. What amazes me tho', is stories like this where a supervisor gets away with harassing a customer, and ONLY loses his job over it. Maybe it was the new gubmint reg's ,or perhaps it was the union, that was able to block this Paul Blart wannabe's identity. I would seriously have his ass for a stunt like that. He wouldn't have a security clearance high enough to do anything more than sell hotdogs on the street !

Rant/ ... carry on
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At February 9, 2010 at 8:27 PM, Anonymous Crotalus

Yeah, right. You know you have no way of getting justice for that treatment, unless you take it upon yourself to seek vengeance. Then the goobermint will call YOU a murderer and comeafter you.


At February 14, 2010 at 11:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

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