28 May 2009
Assmunch(s) Of The Week ...
This week's competitors for the Award are running nose-to-nose coming into the homestretch, and it almost seems to be to close to call. If I were to call it, the pictures of a negligent(?) discharge in Massad Ayoob's 'Backwoods Home Magazine' post: The Price Of Carelessness would get the win. Go check it out, but be advised, the photo's are very graphic*.

The 2nd place (or 1st loser) would firmly be taken by some Oklahoma State Troopers, who apparently have nothing better to do than pull over ambulances on their way to the ER.

And the runner up would have to go to Armatix who's "Shmart Gun" really isn't too shmart ...

H/T to David Codrea @ Gun Rights Examiner

Although opinions vary, feel free to rate them as you wish.
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