01 April 2009
$100 Front Sight Training?
This is Hard to Believe, But it is True...
This is NOT a Front Sight April Fool's Joke...

If you Can Follow Easy Directions YOU Can Secure
A Front Sight Course for Only $100.

Here is how it works:

1. The Certificate is good for you to attend Front Sight's
Two Day Defensive Handgun Course at any time in the future
and has No Expiration Date.

2. The Certificate is transferable, but not redeemable for

3. Simply mail a personal check or money order in the
amount of $100 made payable to Front Sight along with a
Self Addressed, Stamped Return Envelope. Mail your check to:

P.O. Box 2619
Aptos, CA 95001

4. The deadline for postmark of your envelope is April, 20
2009. This means you must drop the check in the mail to us
before 5:00pm Monday, April 20, 2009.

5. Upon receipt, we will mail you back, in the Self
Addressed Stamped Envelope you provide, a special Front
Sight Course Certificate good to attend a Two Day Defensive
Handgun Course at any time in the future with no expiration
date. If you decide at any time in the future you cannot
use it, the Certificate is fully transferable.

Again, it's very simple. Just follow the directions above.

Take advantage of the offer to lock a $1,000 Two Day
Defensive Handgun Course that you can attend at any time
in the future for only $100.

I look forward to seeing you, your family and friends in a
Front Sight Two Day Defensive Handgun Course soon!


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
P.O. Box 2619
Aptos, CA 95001

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At April 2, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Blogger Johnnyreb™

Q. Can I purchase more than one certificate?
A. Yes, purchase as many as you wish. They are
transferable so you can give them to family and friends.

Q. Can I e-mail this offer to others?
A. Yes, please do.

Q. If I purchase the certificate can I use it at any time
in the future?
A. Yes, there is no expiration date on it.

Q. Is this Two Day Handgun Course for $100 EXACTLY the
same as the 2 Day Handgun Course listed on your website and
brochure for $1,000?
A. Yes, the very same course.

Q. What are the hours of the Two Day Course?
A. It starts at 7:30am and ends at 5:30pm both days.

Q. Is it too physical for elderly or disabled people?
A. We have trained people in their 90's. As long as you
can walk up to the firing line, stand for 10 minutes to
shoot and walk back, we will work with you to make sure you
do well.

Q. Am I guaranteed to get into the course that I select to
A. Yes, as long as you mail back your Application for
Training along with the certificate so we have it at least
two weeks before the course date you select, you will be
guaranteed a spot in the course.

Q. How do I apply for a course date?
A. After you receive the certificate you purchased, go to
our website at www.frontsight.com and follow the
instructions for the online application process OR simply
print out an Application for Training, complete it and
mail it back to us along with the certificate so we receive
it at least two weeks before your course date.

Q. Do I receive a confirmation for the course enrollment?
A. Yes, once we receive your completed Application for
Training and Course Certificate at least two weeks before
the course date you select, we will e-mail you a
Confirmation Letter.

Q. What is in the Confirmation Letter?
A. Everything you need to know to prepare for the
course. See the Frequently Asked Questions LINK at
for a copy of the standard confirmation letter we send.

Q. Are there any other costs for the course?
A. There is a $50 criminal background check fee that must
be completed on all students, even CCW holders, law
enforcement and military personnel. You are also
responsible for travel, lodging, food and ammo.

Q. Where is the training located?
A. On our world class 550-acre firearms training facility
near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Q. Are there reasonable hotels available?
A. Most students currently stay in one of three hotels in
the town of Pahrump, 20 minutes from our training site that
provide special rates for our students that range from $35
to $75 per night. See the Frequently Asked Questions LINK
at www.frontsight.com for a list of hotels.

Q. Do we bring our own gun or do you have rentals
A. You can bring your own gun or we can rent everything
you need for the Two Day Handgun Course for only $50.

Q. How do I transport my gun on the airlines?
A. See the Frequently Asked Questions LINK at
www.frontsight.com for the easy, proper procedure for
Weapon Transportation.

Q. What's the catch?
A. There is no catch. I receive requests from people every
day who need and want to attend Front Sight but cannot
afford $1,000 for a Two Day Course so here is a chance for
ANYBODY to get a level or training that exceed law
enforcement and military standards without any boot camp
mentality or drill instructors attitudes for only $100.

I know that once you attend a Two Day Course, you will want
to attend everything we offer AND will also tell everyone
you know to come to Front Sight. So you will then be
helping me positively change the image of gun ownership in
our lifetimes by spreading the good word about Front Sight.

Q. What else do I need to know about the offer?
A. There is nothing else to know about the offer. Just
follow the simple steps 1-5 above or below and take
advantage of it. For any other questions that I did not
answer here, PLEASE go to Front Sight's Frequently Asked
Questions Link to get answers to most if not all your



At April 8, 2009 at 10:56 PM, Blogger Carteach

They sent me a certificate for free.
After looking into his operation, I declined the offer.

Your mileage may vary.


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