30 March 2009
Dude, about that revolver ...

What we have here is a replica of a Colt Single Action Army. It is manufactured by A. Uberti firearms and distributed by Cimarron Firearms Co. This particular one is the MP400, chambered in .357 Mag. in the pre-war frame configuration.

OK, so it wasn't the brightest move on my part ... but while I was absent mindedly giving this revolver a quick check out, I began too partially disassemble it at my computer desk. While looking at the exploded view diagrams, the decision to remove the 'hammer assembly' seemed necessary, but after doing so, the 'coil hand spring' assembly fell out since there was nothing left to hold it in place. Almost instantly giving me a coronary from such a rookie mistake. It was OK tho' because I concluded that no internal parts were lost, after a quick web search for some better drawings.


The hammer assembly: note the wear and also bent firing pin.

The bolt showing serious wear at the point of contact with the hammer.

The hand showing serious wear.

The hand and hammer ass. being installed.

Hammer ass., Hand (w/spring ass.) and bolt.

Trigger/Sear visible. Note the ruined screws.

A proper screwdriver selection is a must.

almost done ...

A lot of this wear could have been avoided with proper lubrication ... and whoever bitched-up those screws needs slapped upside the head ...

It was as dry as the proverbial 'popcorn fart'. It is functional, but I recommend replacing the : Hammer-$90, Hand-$15, Trigger-$15, Bolt-$15, Firing Pin-$7.50, and all of the screws-$28 + shipping ...
As an option there is the Evil Roy spring kit available for $30

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