19 January 2012
Valentine's Mission!
VIA: Cherry Pinup For Our Troops

"Getting Over 1000 Valentines Pinups To Our Troops Serving Overseas!

Contact Me If Interested In Getting Involved! Or Sponsor A Care Package... If You Sponsor A Package You Will Get Something Nice In Return ;)"

I know from personal experience (and have the pics to prove it) that she is the real deal. Cherry does this for no other reason than admiration and respect for the members of our Armed Forces. Anyone wanting to make a big difference in the daily life of someone in harms way, can do so by making a monetary donation. The postage alone, (flat-rate boxes) for sending "care packages" overseas can be an overwhelming expense on top of the price of the contents.

Sponsor A Package by clicking the 'Buy Now' button in the right sidebar.

Thank You

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